Jenna Stone

Content creator, Public Speaker, and marketing in Los Angeles, California

Jenna Stone creates magnetic and inventive content to engage new and existing clients. She successfully connects loyal clientele to trusted brands by creating multimedia content that will maximize visibility on all platforms.

Jenna coordinates with award winning filmmakers, business consultants, project managers,, composers, graphic artists, writers, web designers, and social media managers to best serve each client's marketing needs.

Ms Stone received her undergraduate degree in K-12 education with a double major in English and Library Media Science from Fairmont University, received full credit for her Fulbright Memorial Scholar Award through Seattle University.

Jenna Stone is a former high school teacher, published author and has operated multiple businesses with documented profitability increases of over 300% in less than six months at each location.

Call 747-999-4266 to see how Jenna can best assist you in meeting your own personal and professional objectives or alternately, she may be reached by email at

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I'm not the only class member who says that Jenna Stone's class has brought more useful, positive life changes than years of therapy, workshops, personal growth studies and wishin' and hopin' combined. Jenna Stone is a Fulbright Scholar: a master teacher, creative genius and one of the best humans you will ever meet.
Samantha White | Writer | Former Student
Jenna is not only extremely creative, but trouble shoots logistical problems with ease and good judgement. Her attention to detail and her consistent understanding of the larger vision is powerful. i highly recommend Jenna as she is a team player and a leader. I am happy to say that Jenna's coaching and word smithing helped me complete my first book, 3 a.m. Bull Rider. If you want someone who arrives on the scene with an abundance of energy and know how, hire Jenna!
Joseph Lauricella | Author | Yoga Instructor
Jenna is a very proactive, artistic and collaborative film director and producer. Having worked with many individuals in this field, I always and it refreshing when l have the chance to collaborate with Jenna. She has the unique ability to bring diverse groups of professionals together. Find the common ground, and as a result create an end result that meets or exceeds the expectations. I greatly look forward to my next collaboration with Jenna.
Enrique Feldman | Artistic Professional Developmemt Specialist and Speaker
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